How to Redecorate Your Home’s Interior With Discount Home Furniture and More!

Our homes are our sanctuaries and safe-havens. Home is where we come to de-stress and decompress after a long day out in the world. However, home can get a little chaotic when we are juggling our hundreds of other responsibilities and obligations. If you’ve been coming home to a house that looks like it’s been ravaged by a tornado or you just want to swap out the old furnishings you have for some more modern selections, here are a few tips to help you do that without breaking the bank.

1) The first thing you should do when trying to redecorate cheaply is set a clearly defined budget. Write down the minimum and maximum that you want to spend.

Another good way to prevent overspending is to list the items you think you want and rate them in order of importance. Distinguish your wants from your needs. You should have a little of both on your list, but it should be balanced.

2) A good thing to do before you go out and spend money is to raid your closets, attics, and basements to make sure there isn’t anything potentially useful tucked away and collecting dust.

3) The next thing you should do is find a retailer of discount home furniture. If you’re looking to majorly redo your kitchen find a place that sells discount kitchen appliances. Buying discount home furniture is a great way to save and still have really nice, new things. There are quite a few online stores that specialize in discount home furniture and discount kitchen appliances. These sites are the best places to find name brand furnishings at drastically reduced prices. These places are a bargain-hunter’s dream.

4) Another great redecorating tip that is practically free is to remove clutter. Look around get rid of things that have just accumulated over time that really serve no purpose other than to take up space.

5) Rearrange your discount home furniture! If you’ve already purchased discount home furniture but still aren’t happy with your set up, rearrange your furniture. It’s always refreshing to walk into a room when you’ve changed the furniture placement around. It makes it feel like a whole new room.

6) Repaint the walls or just paint an accent wall. Colors have a remarkable impact on our overall impression of a room so it’s always a good idea to repaint and freshen up a room. Be sure to choose colors wisely, as painting can be quite tiring. If you just don’t have enough energy to repaint an entire room, you can always paint an accent wall. This is a quick and easy decorating solution that is also a money saver. Because you aren’t painting a large area, all you need is a small amount of pain and one roller.

7) If you’re looking for small items to decorate with, check out flea markets and thrift shops. These places are great for finding unique home décor items that aren’t expensive. Often times, high-end décor places like Pottery Barn mimic vintage home decorating items you would find at flea markets and thrift shops. It just takes a good eye and a creative spirit to find the treasures among the junk.

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Furniture and Home Decor Color Trends – Seeing Shades of Blue

Trend forecasters have named shades of blue and turquoise as the colors of 2010. These calming, soothing colors will make their way into homes as the latest styles of furniture and decor begin to reflect this trend toward blue.

It is no surprise that blue is a popular choice for homes today. In these difficult economic times, more and more people are forgoing vacations in exotic locales and instead choosing to create an escape within their own homes. Blue–the color of sky and sea–is both optimistic and uplifting, calming and relaxing.

To transform a home into a retreat, first identify the mood you wish to create. For a dreamy, ethereal escape, consider blending the styles commonly known as shabby chic and coastal cottage. Each is known for its weathered yet lush, comfortable furniture and welcoming, tranquil shades of distressed blue and aqua.

In response to the color trend, Belle Escape, a boutique retailer of cottage-style decor and furniture, has added new items with breezy blue accents to its “Aqua Breeze” collection, a line of products popular among fans of coastal-cottage style.

The collection features distressed, French Louis-style furniture freshly hand-painted with shades of antiqued aqua and blue motifs. Standout pieces include an aged, vintage-white French writing table painted with light aqua ornamental artwork, and hand-carved Louis XV armchairs with plush cushions adorned with whimsical aqua botanicals.

For those who seek to transform their home into an oasis, introducing furniture and decor in shades of blue is the perfect starting place. To learn more about creating a home escape, visit the online boutique Belle Escape.

Bedroom Furniture and Decor: How to Design a Bedroom

Before choosing your bedroom furniture, you should first find out how to design a bedroom rather than just fill it full of the best looking furniture you can find. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – somewhere you can go to when you want a rest from all the worries and stresses of everyday life.

But even if you are too busy for that, you should at least make it a nice place to be in – even busy people spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room in the average home. So before jumping at all that great bedroom furniture you see in the shopping malls or online, take a little time to think of how to design a bedroom that you will feel comfortable in.

Your bedroom is not a living room or dining room where you feel you have to impress visitors – it is a place for you, and you have no need to impress yourself so make it for you and nobody else – except your partner of course! Here are a few tips you help you:

Choose a Focal Point – The Bed!

Just like a well-planned living room, your bedroom works best with a focal point. That takes very little thought – it is the bed! You will spend almost 1/3 of your life in your bed, so take your time in choosing it. Your bed should be big enough for you and your partner, if you have one, without being so big that it totally dominates the room and makes it look small.

Neither should it be too small, where you and your partner cannot get your own sleeping space without disturbing each other. A bedroom should be big enough to allow a good king size bed without it looking too large for the room. Choose a style you like: whether it is slatted, is of a sleigh bed design or even if it has a large fancy headboard with all the bells and whistles makes no difference if it’s what you really want.

Do not skimp money on the mattress: your bed might be important, but the mattress is the most important part of the bed! Never buy a mattress online! Visit the store and try it – if there are two of you, then both go! Take about 15 minutes to try it out in various sleeping positions – the sales assistants will expect that time. There are many different types of mattresses, and you have to find the best for you.

Choose the Décor

If it is important for your bedroom furniture to suit the décor, then choose the bed first and then the decor! Believe me, it is far easier that way. You do not have to match the bed to the rest of the furniture, though if you like the design of your bed you will likely also like the furniture in the same collection.

Those that know how to design a bedroom say that your bedroom décor can be bright and invigorating or warm and peaceful. Those that can get up in the morning raring to go might prefer the bright garish colors, while those that spend more time waking up and crawling out of bed might prefer less brash shades.

The colors are up to you, and many prefer to have their bedrooms looking more like a library or office than a peaceful lady’s boudoir. Men will like anything – they just need somewhere to crash! The important aspect of bedroom décor is to avoid clutter.
Select the Bedroom Furniture

The style and color of the furniture is up to you. There is a massive choice of bedroom furniture these days, and you should choose the style you like. However, make sure you have sufficient storage space for everything. Many will select a dresser with a mirror, a chest and an armoire, and also a night stand or bedside cabinet for each person.

However, don’t forget room for the bedding and the clutter! Underbed baskets or storage drawers are practically essential for the modern bedroom, and an ottoman is also handy for incidental storage. What about your TV? If you like TV in bed, then you can purchase a handy flat-screen TV stand that rises up at the bottom of your bed using a remote control handset. If you prefer the main lights on at night then you can also get remote control infrared switches to operate your regular light bulbs – they also offer dimmer functionality!

Fundamentally, that’s how to design a bedroom – to look as you want it, be as comfortable as you want it, store what you want an even operate your TV stand, TV and lighting by remote control – and the drapes if you want! What more can you ask for?

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Home Design And Decoration On A Budget

First time apartment hunting can be a fun, yet slightly intimidating, time. You’ll quickly learn that a flexible second bedroom is big enough to fit only your cat. But unless you’ve waited long enough to afford a luxuriously big apartment, you’re going to be living in a place that’s rather small. A first apartment isn’t going to be as well decorated as your parents’ home, but there are numerous ways to save space and money without completely sacrificing style.

Furniture should be focused on first before you worry about small accessories and nick-knacks. Bedding, dressers, and dining and living room furniture are the most important. Before you begin purchasing furniture, ask friends and relatives if they have anything they’d like to “donate” to your home. It always seems that someone you know is looking to get rid older furniture. With you out of the house, your parents will probably refurnish their own home and would be happy to give you some hand-me-downs.

Next look to garage sales, the internet, and vintage furniture stores. Most will be happy to sell you their old furniture at a very cheap rate. Just remember to properly inspect everything you purchase; you don’t want an item that’s been a bit “overused.” When you shop at vintage stores, you can easily find some unique repurposed furniture that will give your apartment charm and character. What was once damaged and boring can have new life with a fresh coat of paint or some new upholstery. Learning how to repurpose furniture is also another way to save. One man’s old computer desk can now be your kitchen table at a fraction of the cost.

Avoid big name department stores while you’re at it. They can easily overcharge you. Some online retailers might even offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money, but sometimes it is best to visit a furniture showroom so you can test out the furniture before buying. Also look for items that are multifunctional. A pull-out couch can serve as a guest bed. A storage ottoman can house your DVDs and even turn into a coffee table.

When you’re finally ready to add some decor items, get in touch with your inner Martha Stewart. If anyone is good at repurposing random items, it’s her. But of course there are plenty of online resources to find new uses for your decor. It’s easy to turn everyday household items into something a little more festive and eye catching.

With a little creativity, you can be a savvy shopper. Your first apartment won’t look like a palace, but it can still house beautiful, unique furniture that fits your budget.

Home Decor: Home Accents and Decorative Elements

Important aspects of home décor are the decorative elements and home accents you use to complement and accentuate the general decoration and furnishings of your home. Furnishings includes the furniture, and while beautiful furniture goes a long way towards making a home what it is, it is nothing without the smaller items that complement it.

Among these smaller decorative elements are vases, trays, candles, bookends and figurines that can be use to provide home accents that can both set and accentuate the theme of any room. To that list you can add oil paintings, prints, lamps and boxes that have a specific use and that appear entirely appropriate to the setting in which they are used.

Here are some examples of home accents that can offer the decorative elements that make a home a home and not just a collection of furniture.

Home Décor: Vases

Vases can have several functions in your home. The most obvious is to hold floral arrangements, whether these are real flowers or synthetics made from silk or polyester. Flowers offer a means of accentuating any style of décor, and are easily changed to suit the seasons or your color scheme. There is a wide range of synthetic floral arrangements to choose from, and an even larger selection of natural flowers and plants.

Many use vases to offer not just visual beauty to a home, but also to provide an enhanced fragrance to a room. While genuine flowers can smell lovely, silk arrangements have no smell, and the entire fragrance of a room can be designed as you want it by the use of vases containing reed diffusers steeped in essential oils.

Glass vases can also be used as decorative elements in a home by filling them with pebbles, colored glass marbles and glass fragments, seashells or varying colors of spices. The only limiting factor to your creative ability using vases is your imagination. Larger glass vases can even be used for small fish.

Decorative Trays

Decorative trays can be fashioned from metals, glass or ceramics in various shapes and colors, and are even made from highly colored plastics and many types of hardwood. Fragrant sandalwood is good choice for a decorative tray, as is a half pineapple or even a coconut shell.

Trays can be used to hold the same items as for vases, such as colored glass or stones, and also nuts. However, your guests would prefer them to be filled with chocolates and other sweetmeats. Fruit is also an option, although a very unimaginative one – unless you choose exotic fruits – and keep them fresh!

Ceramics: Plates and Other Ceramics

Among the more popular types of home accents are decorative plates and ceramics such as jars and jugs. Plates can be displayed on racks on tables and sideboards, or in display or curio cabinets. If you hang them on your walls, make sure you do not use metal racks that damage the plates.

Decorative jugs and jars can be small and used as table and display ornaments, or can be large floor-standing jars (think Ali-Baba) that are suitable for large entrance halls, larger themed rooms and patios. These are also available in almost every material, natural and synthetic, although clay, porcelain and glass are the most popular – and the most decorative.

Mirrors as Home Decorative Elements

Mirrors can make all the difference between an ordinary room and one that receive admiration. Mirrors make small rooms look larger, and offer light to darker halls and rooms that would otherwise appear gloomy. Two or three strategically placed mirrors in a room can multiply reflect the light of only one lamp to provide a scintillating effect that deserves all the admiration it receives.

Mirrors in bedrooms and bathrooms are not so much decorative as functional, so when selecting them, make sure you understand the difference between the two. You need at least one full length mirror in a dressing room or bedroom, and at least one face mirror in a bathroom: the latter being mainly used for shaving or applying night creams.

Candlesticks as Home Accents

Candlesticks are a good choice if you are seeking unique home accents. There is a massive range of candlesticks and candelabra available, both online and from a wide variety of mall stores. Many people use candelabra on their dining table, particularly during dinner parties.

Others use candlesticks around the home, and while you will find a huge selection of different types of decorative and scented candles available, many people prefer a simple straight cylindrical white candle to colored or twisted candles. Others don’t care, and use the type of candles they like best – twisted or not! In fact, such items are used more as decorative elements in the home rather that for their functional use.

These are just a small selection of home accents and decorative elements commonly used in modern home décor. Ultimately, what you use will depend upon your own personal preference, taste and the general decorative style you employ.

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Home Furniture and Decoration

If you want your new project home furniture decoration without any problem, you must have a plan that is under way to decorate your old house or new house. If you do not plan, then we will have problems with the re-decoration. Determine the combination of colors and choose the furniture are two key ingredients to proper planning.

While you can redecorate and publish brand new room with a single layer of paint, make sure the paint you buy furniture to match your home decor. Please do not buy paint that does not match your existing decor home furniture, especially if you do not want to replace it all. You should always give variety to choose paint colors and not stay with one. For best results, you should get a variety of color samples and bring them home. Could be a good plan to set aside a portion of your wall paint and a game with several jars of paint in the sample.

Is important to be practical, you can do it if you buy furniture that is essential in every room, which varies depending on the room. Family room furniture does not work well in your formal living room, for example. Each room you want to decorate should be measured and a new measurement of the dimensions before buying, and we must build a diagram that includes the location of all windows and doors of the hall. If you choose your first piece of furniture is likely to choose furniture that is too big and not let other decorative objects, so you should take the last spot.

Even the best planners may have trouble trying to get to a place to begin your project. The decoration of home furnishings choices is not always easy to decide. Always start with the goal of avoiding the bad collect the furniture because magazines can be misleading. Include a budget that you set your goals. If you do that properly, you can then choose a decorating theme that fits your financial needs.

For new ideas, you can use the Internet, and if you’re lucky, you may find ways to reduce the cost of your decor, too. Compared to the stores that you shop, your furniture dealers online could be much cheaper. Online merchants may be an important resource because it can also help reduce the very specific aspect or person wanted.

Use Home Furnishing to Decorate Your Home with the Ultimate Designs

You can find loads of information about home furnishings and decorating for your
home. Once you have chosen a house or apartment to live in, one of the first things
that you will want to do is to begin to furnish and personalize it. One of the easiest
ways of personalizing your home is through furniture upholstery and other soft

When it comes to home decorating, in these financially challenging times, you can
find ways to save money without sacrificing style. The best ideas don’t have to cost
a lot of time or money and can often be done with existing furniture and items
found around the house.

If you’re still unsure of what might look best in your home, you may want to use an
interior designer. Designers work in one of two ways. For an hourly fee, he or she
can provide a plan and obtain competitive bids from retailers. Or the designer can
buy your furnishings at wholesale and charge you the retail price. You may pay no
more, yet save time and get a look that is uniquely yours.

To begin the process of home furnishings and decorating most online furniture
stores feature the best possible prices on quality brand name furniture! At most
online furniture stores you will be delighted by their attention to detail and white
glove customer service. Leather furniture works well with any design style. Several
construction types are available including all leather, partial leather and simulated

Comfortable seating furniture does more to make a room appear inviting than any
other furnishing. An ottoman in the living room is conducive to comfort as it can be
used with an upholstered chair for lounging. All the furniture in a home should be
shod with smooth metal disks so that it can be moved easily.

The beauty of a piece of furniture depends upon good design, good color, and
interesting texture. With all the poorly designed furniture in the shops it is indeed
an achievement to avoid it. Home furnishings and decorating should have the charm
of variety. The ideal finish for furniture is a lustrous, eggshell, semi-gloss rubbed to
a soft glow.

Home Improvement and Decorating for Rented Apartments

It’s no surprise most renters don’t want to spend extra money upgrading rental apartments that they will eventually move from. Renters will live with so-so kitchen and bath fixtures, tiles and cabinetry and it’s rare you’ll hear about a tenant re-varnishing or painting their floors (although my friend in NYC went for it!). Your apartment might not be your dream home, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in mediocre style. Depending on your landlord’s tolerance and the terms of your lease, there are many simple, inexpensive decorative fixes you can make to give your apartment a renovated, personalized and stylized look. This article focuses on topical fixes that renters can make all in a day’s shopping, and they can take with them if / when they move.

Begin with the bones. Most apartments are repainted or offered to be repainted upon signing a new lease. If you don’t want to paint yourself or think a personalized color will be too much to deal with upon move-out (i.e., too much of a drag to repaint), see if the apartment can be delivered white. This gives you a lot of light and a blank slate to play with, plus it’s easy to patch and fill in holes from picture or wall art hangings. Next, take stock of the apartment’s best features. Is the living room especially bright, has a great view or feature you want to accentuate? Make the best feature in a room the focal point for laying our your living room.

Take inventory of the living room furniture you have on-hand. Is your home decor 50% or more modern furniture pieces? Have a surplus of IKEA or accent tables that look cheap, not chic? Whatever you have on hand, try to make sure each article of furniture, as an individual, be it a chair, table, buffet or chandelier – “fits” the aesthetic of the space. I.e., if you are renting a Craftsman, you might want to forget the Wall Street-era inspired red lacquer and glass shelving unit. Maybe you are 100% sure you can make something work, but very importantly, before you move (or even if you aren’t moving, before you re-design) take time to measure your sofa, coffee table, accent tables, bed frame, benches, dining room table, armoir, entertainment center, bookshelves, desk and anything else oversized you might have buried in your current living space. It is easy to over-accumulate furnishings you actually don’t need over the years. Subscribe to the less is more vibe, at least in the beginning stages of redecorating. You will be surprised how liberating less clutter can be. If you have a busy family apartment or simply can’t live without stacks of magazines, another great tip for eliminating clutter: storage units. If you don’t have large closets or surplus dresser space, consider investing in some low-pro storage units. Many of these can double as entertainment centers, buffets and benches…all the while hiding away clutter.

A great idea when you are getting started decorating is to draw a simple sketch of your space with the dimensions and block out little areas where you’d like to fit pieces of furniture. Reconfigure on paper – then start getting rid of furniture items and making a list of what you’ll want to purchase. Depending on your style, budget and overall approach to creating a stylized living space – will determine how and where you shop for furniture and accessory pieces. I like to use up the lion’s share of my decorating budget on pieces I know I will love and then fill in with less-expensive home accents from second-hand furniture stores, antique finds, garage sales, Ikea and other box retailers. No matter what size the living space, I will not sacrifice style or quality on large furniture pieces; such as the bed, the sofa or the living area rug. These pieces hold even the tiniest of apartments together. Since sofas are typically the apple of the living room’s eye, in both size and focus, make sure your sofa is functional and workable with the other accent piece you select.

Once you have the basics in place, add finishing touches. Which is where all the personality comes in. Quick and unique fixes include:

-Adding a pair of oversized plants (and they can be faux plants). They can be placed in inexpensive fibreglass planters to flank the sofa, the fireplace, windows or attach themselves to the corners of the room. If you are in a city-setting, you’ll be surprised at how down to earth your room can get by dropping in a few plants.

-If possible, switch the light switch to a dimmer. This is so much more romantic, even if you live alone. Take mood lighting a step further and change out a pendant light fixture in the bathroom or dining room. Put it on a dimmer. The mood is made!

-Get an outrageously lovely rug. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just something with a pattern or material texture you admire. A good looking rug is like a form-fitting coat, you can spend a lot of time in it or with it and you’ll still love it. Area rugs tie spaces together and help accent mute pallets. Plus a well-constructed rug will last a lifetime.

-Add photos, candles and curios and a pair of nice drinking glasses. Sure getting rid of the Budweiser draft glass you’ve had since you were 18 might seem like nostalgia not so easy to part with. But close your eyes and move on. Adding a pair of matching whiskey tumblers or champagne glasses will make your space all the more grown up. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy serving yourself and friends beverages in matching glasses. A little accent decor goes a long way. You can find curious for sale online, ranging from paperweights, decorative trays, coffee table books, picture frames and decorative tableware.

Creating Cabin Furniture and Decor

If you’ve been looking for some cabin style decor tips (even if you don’t own a log cabin), here are a few ways to refurnish, redecorate or replenish and transform existing furniture into your home to cabin furniture.

Any wood or painted surface currently in the room can have a paint finish applied to give them a rustic feel. Dining room chairs, kitchen cabinets, dining or occasional tables, and even cabin flooring.

Cabin decor dining or island seating chairs are a fast and easy project for any home owner. All materials can be purchased online or in your local hardware store and the investment of time is minimal. The secret to cabin decor is understanding the antiquing process of furniture.

Begin with a light sanding to remove the surface gloss or treatment on your furniture. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth. If the surface you are working with is not real wood you’ll want to prime the surface with paint primer. If the furniture is real wood you won’t have to worry about priming the surface. Allow the surface to completely dry.

To achieve the look of rough and rustic cabin decor, dry brush the primer with a wide paint brush – adding streaks and texture to your cabin furniture. Allow the primer to completely dry.

For the next steps you may want to test a few different paint samples and treatments. My personal favorite is to take a dark, complimentary color with your existing cabin decor as the base coat. You will then add a top coat of paint or stain to rub into the surface.

Achieving and owning cabin décor is, after all, a process that is fun and rewarding. Doing it yourself by making your own cabin furniture on the cheap is something to be proud of.

Start your first tests with a rich and dark brown color as the base. This is the easiest and truest way to achieve the rustic cabin look. Remember that this base paint is not the actual color you want your furniture to finish as, but the color you will see ‘peeking’ through. The top coat, the next step, will be your finish color. Any heritage color (dark or muted, reds, greens or mustard) works well for the rustic cabin look, you might also try a lighter shade for a bolder effect or a more European cabin theme.

There is one more step in the process – the antiquing – which will also change the color and hue of the top coat of paint. With both the base coat and the top coat dry brushed on the surface of your soon-to-be cabin furniture, allow the piece to fully dry. With a fine piece of sandpaper take a look at the piece you are working on (whether it be a chair, a photo frame or kitchen cabinets) and ascertain where normal wear would have occurred over the years. Lightly sand these areas – faking a time worn patina.

To take that aged patina, (antiquing), process one step further, rub in a mixture of dark pine wood stain and painter’s glaze (used in faux painting effects). You can layer this stain on, leaving it darker in the nooks and corners of your cabin furniture, repeatedly until you achieve the look you’re after.

These techniques work on real wood just as easily as on the inexpensive, fake wood furniture. If you’re creating cabin furniture with chairs, leave dark areas at seat bases, wear down bottoms of the legs or tops of armrests. If you’re after a cabin look in the kitchen, wear away the area with sandpaper around the knobs, handles and pulls of your cabinets. You might also replace existing and boring hardware with more rustic or antiqued knobs and pulls.

Once you have had success with smaller pieces of furniture, move onto larger projects to create your cabin decor.

Choosing Bedroom Furniture and Decor

Choosing bedroom furniture is an extremely personal decision. One way to understand your style is to look at your wardrobe. The clothes you wear the most of are the colors that you feel the most comfortable with. They are likely the colors that you will want to have surrounding you. They are the colors that you feel relaxed in, for whatever reason. If most of your wardrobe is pink, you might feel the best in a pink bedroom. If your wardrobe looks like that of a goth teenager, you might want to consider putting black furniture into your bedroom.

The bedroom is where you can express herself the most in your home. In your living room you will be anticipating guests. You may be a little bit more self conscious about going wild with decorations in case anyone does not agree with your decorating style. Your living room, in some ways, is almost public, as many people will view it if you are in any way social.

This is not the case with bedroom furniture. No one will see it except for your immediate family. If you are comfortable with your immediate family, this is a great place to express yourself without fear of judgment. If you want to have your whole bedroom in the Minnie Mouse poke a dot white and pink, you will have only your husband to contend with. If you want Victorian lace covered pillows, again, you will only have your husband to content with.

In choosing your furniture, you really need to have a map of your bedroom. You will need to measure it in square feet and draw a grid. This is the only way to know how much space you have to work with.

This will help you decide whether or not you can fit a queen sized or king sized bed. It will help you to see if you will need to get a set of drawers or a wardrobe, or if you could fit both. This is key to do before going shopping or browsing online because if you do not know what you can set you may have empty looking or overly stuffed looking bedroom at the end of the day. That is not the relaxing looking retreat you are hoping to come home to.

With bedroom decor and furniture, have fun and go wild. This is the place where you can experiment with your decorating taste.